Juan Pablo Araya

Immutable strings
16 September 2014

Suppose you have a method on an object that returns a String. Maybe we can think in a method that returns a CSV file to the client, in a Web or Desktop application. I’m not going to worry on separation of concerns and design stuffs, so just focus on the String creation:

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TDD or not TDD
11 September 2014

I love Test Driven Development (TDD). Every time I have the opportunity to put it on practice I try to do it. Because a solely participant is as important as a little raindrop in the sea, I always try to teach TDD to my work fellows. There have to be a moment when the critic mass starts and then the technique becomes a standard. I hope so! Well… I’m not an expert in TDD and maybe that’s one of the reasons why this practice never has gained a good momentum on my company. ... Read More

Multi threading codes.
1 September 2014

In a previous article, I showed an example of an operation in which a simple change In the code of an algorithm resulted in a reduction of the execution time in about a factor of six. That case show us how important is to know certain aspects of the machine in which our code has to run. I’m working on a little android application. It’s a native app that takes photos and sends them to a server. ... Read More

Optimizations in code.
14 August 2014

Certainly, using a framework like .Net or Java alleviate the work for developers, allowing you to do much more in less time. But also, like spiderman says, “great power comes with great responsibility”. A few weeks earlier I was talking with a very experienced developer from another country. In this talk, he pointed that one of the common flaws of the Chilean developer is the lack of technical background, specially maths (for logic and abstraction) and the misconception of use and abuse of styles of coding without take into account what occurs at the machine level. ... Read More
Muchas veces como informáticos pensamos que la mejor solución a los sistemas heredados es rehacerlos completamente. Ocurren casos en que sistemas que nosotros mismos hemos desarrollado creemos que no vale la pena modificarlos ya que no tienen las mejores prácticas que aprendimos desde que dejamos de trabajar en ellos. Por esto es tan importante aplicar buenas prácticas de desarrollo para permitir la mantención de estos sistemas. Es cierto, nadie quiere trabajar con sistemas heredados. ... Read More